DA Institute of Applied Knowledge engages in the fields of experimental publishing, research, knowledge exchange and education.

DAInstitute is driven by the convictions that places of exchange, study and learning can be found everywhere and are not restricted to formal or institutionalized environments, such as schools or universities. Collaborative knowledge exchange and development are neither privilege to professional teachers and registered students, nor are they subordinated to broadly endorsed hierarchies or hegemonic understandings of what valuable knowledge and useful methods are.

Against this background DAInstitute questions established methods and strategies, innovation receipts, reassuring narratives of straightforward development, normative restrictions and canonical systems. Instead it sets out to create formats and interfaces where knowledge and action can be jointly developed as a social and societal good. DAInstitute draws from the rich experiences of its tutors and their guests, it combines theoretical teaching, pragmatic tools, conceptual frameworks and analytic investigation with experimental methodologies, hands-on testing, thin-king through making, sensual exploring and spontaneous decision-making.

The core of DAInstitute’s practice consists of its short and multi-day formats:
they are either specifically developed specifically for the clients objectives and requirements, or co-created ad-hoc together with the participants.